You see me as you want to see me

But what is it exactly do you see?

Do I remind you of someone?

Someone from your past

A Child hood memory?

What is it do you see?

Am I some sort of structure or design?

Am I a work of Art?

What Am I to you?

You dont know me

And I dont know you

Will it always be like that?

We pass each other everyday

Do you know what I think When I see you?

Who are You?

What makes you so visible to me?

Do you see pass my clothes and figure?

Do you see pass my hair and feet?

Do you decipher my thoughts And see whats deep down inside

TO see what makes me Unique.

Or does our minds play tricks on us

As we pass by each other

Just Looking.

Photography & Artwork Copyright of “KiiLL” 09.07

Couple arm in arm in sea, looking at sunset, rear view

I want to book
reservations with you
Explore the world
Travel the seven seas
Climb the highest mountains
With you

4 days/3nights are not enough
I don’t need Egyptian skylines
You are my diamond in a rough

You’re my sweet home away from home
Luxurious paradise
I want to retreat in the tranquility of your eyes

You are my captivating island
So much to discover
My real life dream
My love belongs to no other

I want to getaway in the comfort of your embrace
And surf your hill side tides
From evening to day

I want to see the sun from your coastal shore

Taste exotic cuisines from the palm of your hands

I want to behold your beauty

You are a work of art

With you there is no limit
Let’s escape completely
Charting our course on a boat land of love
As we sail away on our life long vacation
No need for hesitation

Are you ready?