The Role of Literary Arts

For a while now, I guess I would say since 2000, the literary arts played a major role in my life because it was my means of communication with God. I started writing to God; sharing my dreams, wishes, mental frustrations, confessions, and more. As my relationship with God grew, He told me to “Make them see My relationship with you”. This was told to me in 2006. Now in 2007, God revealed to me that writing is my calling and my calling has to do with my relationship with God and my relationship with His people. I write to God and for God for His people’s sake. I have a heart for God and a heart for His people and He’s called me to write on His behalf.

Sometimes you have people who are very talented, but God isn’t looking for just your talent. He wants to see if you can serve. He wants to see if you can see past your ability to write and activate your ability to meet someones needs even if it is an inconvenience. Can you see past your performance and minister to the need? Can you even discern the need?

What role does the MINISTRY of literary arts play in my life? Simply put- it is my life. 365 days a year. 86,400 seconds a day.

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